Mindshare Credentials

Mindshare Credentials

Mindshare is a global media agency network consisting of 7,000+ employees, in 116 offices across 86 countries and with billings in excess of US$34.5 billion.

As part of the global brand refresh, the agency’s global credentials were redeveloped in line with the new brand identity.

As the global brand lead, I creatively directed the production of an animated single-page website that communicates the company’s exceptional credentials in a visually rich and engaging way. The site guides the user through a narrative of the company credentials, values and services, visually brought to life by a series of seamless, extremely conceptual worlds that represent the scale of the agency.

Client          Mindshare

Project       Agency Credentials

Credit        Dominic Stoppani 

Creds Booklet_Digital_V2
Creds Booklet_Digital_V22
Creds Booklet_Digital_V24
Creds Booklet_Digital_V23
Creds Booklet_Digital_V26
Creds Booklet_Digital_V25
Creds Booklet_Digital_V210
Creds Booklet_Digital_V211
Creds Booklet_Digital_V215
Creds Booklet_Digital_V220
Creds Booklet_Digital_V224
Creds Booklet_Digital_V223

Snippets of animation from the website

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